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Hispanics In The Government Workforce:  What You Should Know About Recruiting, Hiring And Retaining Them


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    Where do Hispanics really stand in the Federal workforce? Are they severely underrepresented, as Hispanic organizations contend, or are they at parity, as a recent GAO report concludes?

    Why has the private sector been so successful at recruiting Hispanics while the public sector has faltered? (No, it does not always have to do with the amount of money being offered!). During this webcast, we’ll discuss the moral imperative vs. the business case for increasing Hispanic representation in the federal workforce.

    We’ll debunk the big three myths about why Hispanics are so hard to recruit compared to non-minority society candidates, and we’ll cover what it takes to develop and implement an effective recruitment strategy for Hispanics and other minorities.

    During this training webcast, you’ll hear why it is important that Hispanics be recruited and hired into the Federal workforce in greater numbers, and why creative retention tactics are a must in keeping them as long-term employees. Be a part of this important discussion and learn innovative and creative strategies for recruiting, hiring and retaining Hispanics in the Federal workforce.


    •  Which recruitment strategies work best and which ones don’t
    •  About the special hiring tools that are available to promote Hispanic recruitment and hiring into the Federal workforce
    •   Which hiring strategies work, and which do not
    •   Where the primary recruitment sources for qualified Hispanic candidates can be sourced
    •   About Hispanic community networks, contacts and recruitment sources
    •   What you can do to enhance your agency’s standing as an employer of choice for Hispanics in times of shrinking budgets and scarce recruitment resources

    Additionally, we’ll discuss effective retention strategies and review some “best in class” recruitment and hiring programs among federal agencies.

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