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Make Your Contacts Count: Networking Know-How to Get Things Done In the Government


  • One attendee: $209
  • Multiple attendees: $219 for the first attendee and $29.99 for each additional attendee
  • To be invoiced and pay by check for one or multiple registrations
  • On demand (available one day after live event):
    Most public sector professionals and executives don’t have the network of internal and external contacts they need to do their jobs as effectively as they’d like. This training webcast will give you the opportunity to learn the rules and tools for creating, cultivating, and capitalizing on networking relationships and opportunities in a variety of career and professional settings.

    You’ll learn how to make more strategic use of your networking time, develop mutually beneficial relationships, uncork bottlenecks, find collaborators, round up talent, get more visible, shepherd your projects and initiatives through the system, tap into the latest trends and best practices, and connect with people at conferences, meetings, and professional organizations.

    You’ll be taught:

    • How to move through the 6 stages of relationship building;
    • How to handle the 3 key moments in networking;
    • How to show the character and competence that makes people want to work with you, send resources your way, and help you get things done;
    • How to obtain some kind of life insurance coverage. Especially important for the self-employed with a family.
    • You’ll learn how 4 crucial areas of your network can work together to make you ad your projects more successful.

    Whether you’re a master networker or someone who says, “I’m too busy,” or “I’m too bashful,” the confidence and competence you’ll feel knowing these skills will help you succeed in the workplace for years to come.

    Some of the other take-aways you’ll receive should you attend this training webcast:

    • Master the 3 key moments in every relationship
    • Advance through the 6 stages in any relationship
    • Make conversations flow by asking good questions
    • Assess your internal network
    • Remember names - - and teach them yours
    • Answer "What do you do?" in a way that shows your character & competence
    • Steer small talk to uncover resources and opportunities
    • Make the most of memberships, associations, and conferences
    • Shepard your ideas and initiatives through the system
    • Develop a “big picture” network that sends you timely information
    • Handle awkward networking situations
    • Teach people how to use your expertise, what to count on you for
    • Know what to do and say in a variety of professional situations
    • Penetrate the "inner circle" in the groups you join
    • End conversations with the future in mind

    Who Should Attend: Managers, executives, team leaders, people who must build alliances and collaborate inside their agencies and with external contacts, people who want to access wider career and professional visibility, mentors, leaders, trainers, and program managers.

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