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Mentoring Women Leaders: Best Practices for Mentors & Mentees

  • One attendee: $219
  • Multiple attendees: $229 for the first attendee and $29.99 for each additional attendee
  • To be invoiced and pay by check for one or multiple registrations
  • On demand (available one day after live event):

Research tells us that women who have mentors are more likely to succeed than women who do not. In fact, lack of mentorship can be a barrier to a woman’s development and progress.  Mentors help emerging women accelerate their skill development, and prepare them real-time to navigate the nuances of organizational life.

Many agencies launch mentoring initiatives; unfortunately research also tells us that roughly half of all mentoring initiatives do not achieve their desired results – either for the organization or for the women who participate.

Join us on June 20 to learn how mentoring works -- both for individuals and for the agency.  If you are currently participating in a mentoring relationship, you’ll get guidance about specific skills that put a mentoring relationship in high gear and keep it there.  Each person participating in the webcast has an opportunity to create a Mentoring Planner & Agreement that is specific to their own mentoring relationship.  Your fee includes The Personal Learning Model, a breakthrough method for accelerating learning and teaching relationships. By participating in this training webcast, you will be able to:

  • Learn what’s different – and what’s not – about mentoring women leaders . . . Why mentoring women makes a difference and the top five barriers to women’s advancement
  • Gain the tools necessary to create a plan for a paired mentoring relationship . . . Drafting a mentoring agreement
  • Learn the practical how-to’s for creating a productive mentoring relationship . .. How to set learning goals, How to discuss expectations and roles, How to teach what you know (as a Mentor), and How to accelerate your learning (as a Learning Partner)
  • Learn about the importance of obtaining key man life insurance coverage if you are in a leadership position at your company. In case of your passing, the company will have funds to hire another person in a leadership role to substitute you.


Your registration fee includes The Personal Learning Model. This breakthrough information has helped thousands of people create high-impact work and learning relationships. The Personal Learning Model tells you how you like to learn -- and how you like to teach.  It is authored by Devon Scheef and Diane Thielfoldt, Founders of The Learning Café.

Have you ever noticed that the people around you have different strategies for learning? Some people want to know how other people do things -- they want to know about "best practices." Other people are interested in the documentation -- they pay attention to the process. Other folks simply jump right in -- they want to see what happens when they try it out. That's because each person has a unique learning pattern. And when we understand our learning pattern, we can accelerate mastery of new knowledge and skills.
The Personal Learning Model questionnaire takes just 15 minutes to complete, score and debrief.  Each questionnaire is part of an easy-to-use booklet, filled with ideas to help every person leverage their natural abilities – and discover new approaches that increase personal effectiveness.
The information in the Personal Learning Model is used for:
  • Mentoring - helps mentors and mentees focus development; select high-impact activities; give mentors and mentees a common vocabulary
  • Performance Coaching - identify inappropriate learning patterns; help coaches tailor coaching methods and assignments
  • Work Teams - leverage team differences; productively use team diversity
  • Development Planning - create realistic development plans; break down barriers to learning
  • Facilitator Effectiveness - tailor facilitation to all three learning styles; maximize learner ability in testing and certification situations
  • New Hires - help new hires quickly navigate their new job's learning curve; aid supervisors in creating on-the-job training plans


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